Zero and negative Calorie Food List

Zero and negative Calorie Food List
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free food and i’m not talking about monetarily

that’s all according hey guys welcome back to living TV for women i’m your host Jeff could get throw today we’re talking about free food and i don’t mean monetarily free of course this food does cost money but it’s free in the sense that you can eat as much of it as you want without any weight gain that is phenomenal right there

and of course it provides a whole host of vitamins and nutrients is super healthy for you so eat away and live lean so come on closer i’m going to show you one by one each of these foods that have in front of me these are all considered zero calorie or negative calorie foods meaning that it takes more energy for your body to digest them just the

process of going through your metabolism cost more energy than the food actually contains itself so that’s why these are really good to have in your diet they’re really good to pair alongside with proteins and healthy fats so that you can eat an abundant huge plate of food and still lose weight and living so come on closer and we’ll talk about each food and the benefits of it and why it fits zero-calorie club

first up we have some baby kale this is great for making salads it is so low in calories so high in fiber and nutrients you got to get your greens on so we recommend at least a cup to 4 cups of this per day next we have orange and yellow bell peppers bell peppers of any variety are

great they’re sweet they’re crunchy and they are zero calorie and here we have some asparagus asparagus is especially good for weight loss because it’s a natural diuretic which will help you lose some of that water weight making you feel slimmer and less bloated back here we have some left and and lime these are really awesome for flavoring all kinds of things we also recommend having a lemon water or lime water every day to help alkalize

your body and here we have some cilantro this is a delicious herb to help flavor and Susan your meals without adding any extra calories we also love basil rosemary and a whole bunch of other fresh herbs and celery let’s not forget celery this is one of my all-time favorites and staple in my grocery cart I love to dip it in some nut butter or use it as crunchy croutons on top of

salad it’s so hydrating and so healthy for you very cleansing will help reduce the bloat also here we have some broccoli broccoli is excellent high fiber food that helps destroy belly fat also in a zero-calorie club and back here some arugula we love our love has become one of our favorite lettuces lately we use it a lot of salads is super delicious tender green but you can eat tons of and

fill up on that down here we’ve got a spicy jalapeno pepper any hot pepper is great for helping you accelerate your fat burning capability and it’s also a zero-calorie . some flavor to your foods a little spice to your life so add some hot peppers to your diet for sure here we have a green cauliflower cauliflower is usually white but i found

this green one at the grocery store today I thought I’d include that and try it out for the first time I love cauliflower for making a mashed cauliflower totally delicious and totally zero-calorie cucumbers cucumbers are so fun to eat because they’re like a nice crunchy hydrating snack you can also throw them in your water to flavor it up making cucumber water that’s so refreshing

you can also eat a whole cucumber a day if you want their zero calorie and they are so good for you back here we got some red cabbage all types of cabbage are great i think these are very highly underestimated food source so few people use cabbage but it is such a great veggie it also belongs at cruciferous vegetable family helping you burn belly fat

last but not least we’ve got water and tea over here black coffee will also qualify these are zero calorie go to beverages so there you have it live leaner these are the free food that we have in our house currently of course there are other ones is not a complete list but it’s a really good demonstration of what is considered a free food we use these in all of our custom meal plan we use these in a lot of our team

lean recipes we highly recommend to all clients and to you that you have these in your diet on a regular basis by including at least a few if not all of these in your daily diet you’re going to start to lose weight look leaner feel better feel more energized and you’re really going to see a difference

so highly recommend it as many free foods in as possible this says mean and grocery shopping very frequently if you saw on my snapchat I was at the store again today after just being there a few days ago picking up these fresh ingredients you’ve got to keep fresh food in your house all the time and that is really the secret to living lane if you are interested in getting a custom meal plan built for you telling you exactly which foods to eat

at what times of day and how much is right for your body and your goals you can contact us at living at /a coaching and we can personalize a plan for you or you can check out our membership site team where you’ll get access to all of our recipes we have a lot of recipes in there using all kinds of ingredients like this pairing them with proteins and fat to really create whole delicious affordable healthy

it’s amazing damn that’s good meals that you can enjoy while you lose weight while you get lean and so you don’t have to be eating boring bland food like most people think when you go on a diet the whole philosophy behind living lien is enjoying the process to get there so that you never quit if you can make healthy eating fun and enjoyable why would you ever want to stop