Twenty amazing stair climbing facts

1. Stair climbing is considered as a ‘healthy sport’ and consumes more calories per hour than jogging.

2. If you compare to other activities, Stair climbing consumes 8-9 times more calories than sitting and burns 7 times more energy than going up with an elevator.

3. People with average body burn around 0.15 calories for every step, so you burn roughly a 1.5 for every 10 steps you climb.

4. Going downstairs all consumes calories. You can consume 1 calories for every 20 steps you decent – and each calorie counts!

5. If your building has 5 floors or less, it’s almost every time faster to use the stairs rather than the elevator. Many articles suggested that employees would save up a lot of time taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

6. Stairs climbing and cardio-active sport in know for guarding against heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers. Nonetheless, stair climbing produces endorphins that encourage the feeling of joy

7. Climbing stairs by walking up them burns 563 calories per hour

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