Why Is Swimming The Best All Over Body Cardio Workout?

Why Is Swimming The Best All Over Body Cardio Workout?
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weights maybe a great workout to tone those arms and those legs but some of
you have been tweeting me and asking what is the best overall body workout
well I’m sure the broadband and this is the road to making it and I hate to tell
you guys it’s not in the gym not the treadmill not the elliptical you guys
need to get in the swimming pool and swim now if you guys anything like me
and you die of heat exhaustion when you’re on a run and you just sweat like
crazy and look like a hot mess
the great thing about swimming is you can get in the pool and you don’t even
know you’re sweating and you’re cool as you’re doing it so it actually makes you
want to work out more if you have any ankle problems or knee problems elbow
shoulder anything while you’re assuming you actually won’t be able to feel those
pains as much as when you’re running or doing something in the chip if you
switch up strokes while you’re in the pool and do a little bit of backstroke
breaststroke butterfly along with the Freestyle you’re actually going to be
working so many muscles that you didn’t know exist and when you wake up the next
day I promise you’re going to be sore and be like wow I worked so many muscles
yesterday when I swam if you’re lucky and you live in a place where it’s sunny
you can soon an outdoor pool and you can kill two birds with one stone and get a
10 while you something now if you guys don’t want to make suming your primary
workout I want to go to the gym and lift some waves or go on the treadmill
elliptical whatever you want to do swimming laps is a great way to get the
blood flowing through your muscles and relax your body for after a workout
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consuming workout someone workouts and some short workout will be something
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