Ditch the gym and start to swim

Ditch the gym and start to swim
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if you need to get into that new dress for summer wedding maybe lose the baby
wakes or you just want to get fitter and healthier but you do need to do is join
the gym all you need to do is swim you can now join specific classes that are
tailored to your needs and get help and advice on lines the latest research
carried out by the a-si revealed that three-quarters of women always win the
same stroke when going swimming
British gas when fit offers an alternative way to work out in the pool
forty percent of women never swim as part of their exercise routine
howe ver it’s a fun and effective way to see the improvements you want because
water is 800 times denser than air you’re more likely to get those results a lot quicker it’s really easy to get
started log onto the swim fit website and register your details tell us why
you want to join to get fit lose weight but just improve your health then you
have a choice you can join swim fit motivates where you can work through 32
Jim style sessions swim fit original where you can choose your workout plan
from health fitness shape up or tone or you can join a class at your local
swimming pool is part of swim fits activates the swim fit program is really
for everybody if you trying to get back into swimming if you’re trying to lose
weight and you try to improve your fitness even if you training for the
triathlon swim fit really is an excellent excellent program to follow
some rules will have the plastic laminated card to the sessions on you
can bring onto the pool
I fantastic vacation for every standard from ten lens up to nearly a hundred
lens and once you’ve worked so hard to look your best
the last thing you want is for all the effort to go to waste the a-si have
devised an interpretive bite-sized swim fit program for you to make the most of
your time in the pool whilst on holiday to almost fifty percent of women
admitted gaining weight
awesome holiday with one in three of us consuming an additional 500 calories a
day I just 20 minutes long this condensed exercise plan is the perfect
guilt-free pass to indulging on holiday and helps burn up to 200 calories with
minimal impact on your rest and relaxation haven’t really strong very
much very often i think it’s because they haven’t been the right kind of
class really but this is really good because it is a structure session group
environment and motivation you need i love the feeling you get after words
it’s when I go running i always end up with aches and pains my joints her the
bt swimming is that you you feel this sort of warm glow in your muscles but
you’ll join stone it’s all about having fun while you stay healthy and achieve
swimming is good for your cholesterol it reduces your chance of heart disease and
cancer increases your energy so no matter what size shape or age you are
what are you wasting time to get swim fit


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