Climbing Stairs for a Flat Stomach : Getting in Great Shape

Climbing Stairs for a Flat Stomach : Getting in Great ShapeToday we’re going to talk about how to get a flat stomach from climbing stairs.
So here’s the deal – climbing stairs alone is not going to give you a flat stomach it doesn’t target that area alone but by using the stairs you’re going to burn more calories you’re going to work your core.

Most importantly, in this you’re actually going to build lean muscle in your legs.

Now, why is this important? by building lean muscle in the legs the largest muscle group in the body you actually increase your metabolic rate AKA burn more calories burn more fat get a flatter stomach.
So, let’s give up the elevator let’s go down the stairs and  also listen to this one the calorie lab says that by climbing the stairs a 150 pound person in one hour is going to burn almost 500 calories.

This is a reason to get started simple things first use the stairs not the elevator then we can jog we can do lunges we can do laterals there’s so many opportunities here.

So first things first just walk up the stairs look at this walking or any more calories than taking the elevator very simple then add in every other step every other step with the lunge getting deeper into those butt and thigh muscle lateral lunges.

Your co-workers love watching do that one and lateral steps what else could there be it’s so simple we’ve got jogging we’ve got running

We’ve got walking we’ve got laterals there’s so many opportunities here to burn calories there we go climbing the stairs towards a flat stomach

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