Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator
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Body fat is often expressed as our “Body Fat Percentage” or “Body Fat Percent.” Body fat percentage is the amount of body-fat-tissue as a percentage of total body weight. If your total body weight is 160 pounds and you have 32 pounds of fat, your body fat percentage is 20 percent.

Why Body Fat Measurement is Important?

Body fat is an important element in successful weight control. Body fat requires fewer calories than muscle. So the less fat/more muscle we have, the more calories we can eat before gaining weight. Use our body fat calculator to find out your approximate bodt fat percentage.

The best time to use this calculator is in the morning. Your body weight and waist measurements are the most accurate just after you wake up from 7-8 hours of sleep.

Body Fat Calculator For Men

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The Indication for body fat Range

ClassificationWomen (% Fat)Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat10-13%2-5%
Normal weight Fat25-31%18-24%

Body Fat Calculator For women