6 top tips on how to get more out of your walks

6 top tips on how to get more out of your walks
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tone up and burn more calories every time you walk

walking is one of the best exercises that we can do
walking is in fact the most natural exercise for your body and the great thing is it’s absolutely every single fitness level and when you walk you turn up you’re
also going to be helping to burn off excess body fat it’s great for your
health your well-being and the brilliant thing is with walking we can do it

anywhere so it’s great to squeeze in your lunch hour before work after work

and i’m going to share with you

six tips that you can use it just means you’re getting more out of your walks

so tip one that we’re going to look at how to power can with good form so the

first thing we’re just going to look at doing is when you swing through with

your arms what’s really important is keep those elbows pointing directly

backwards you want to avoid your elbows flaring out to the sides and the next

thing is always just focus on when you take a strike just keep your steps

within a comfortable range of motion also be sure to keep your hips nice and

level and then finally with your hands what you want to do is you don’t want to

have a really tightly clasped fist but just make sure that your hands and

lightly corrupt and then finally with your chin your head you want to be

looking ahead and your chin should be parallel to the floor and that is simply

how you compare walk with good technique so tip number two is a turn up your

speed and I think this is a really important one how you can easily gauge

the speed you’re walking out so let’s look at strolling so think of this on

average this would be as if you’re just window-shopping and so that’s a really

slow speed and that you would be burning approximately only about 230 calories

per hour so then the next bead up from that would be what we call a a brisk

pace now this would be at a walking pace that you would be able to actually quite

easily hold a conversation and this source of pace if you think about it if

you could be walking and talking on the phone then that pace you’d be burning

approximately 340 calories an hour and then the next speed would be power

walking so with power working this would be at a speed that you would find it

hard to hold a full conversation and I think it’s so important really know your

speed because this is where you can then increase your walking calorie burn so if you’re

aware that you’re taking a stroll or a brisk walk you need then push up to a

powerful because that way you can burn off approximately 560 calories and our

tip number three

why not tone while we walk so it here are a couple of exercises that you can

do to turn up your upper body whilst you’re walking and this way it

such as major burning few more calories so here’s one exercise where you

literally just draw your arms in together you have them out at the side

and keep your elbows in line with the shoulders this is great for helping to

lift the bust and turn through the arms that’s a really simple exercise that you

can add to a basic walk then you can also do a shoulder press just take your

arms above your head and what you could do is do 10 reps of each and just repeat

that several times

tip number four is add some sand or hills so walking in the sand works like

so much harder and it really will up that intensity of course other great

thing that you can do is literally find some Hills walking on inclines will also

increase your calorie burn so here’s a really good tip number five which is

beat your personal best so whatever he to his head out and walk as fast as you

can in 10 minutes then once you reach 10 minutes turn around then what you’ve got

to do you’ve gotta walk back to that start position that you started from

what you want to do it now in less than 10 minutes then tip number six is you

can work out your abs while walking so really good idea is due 10 second

intervals when whilst you’re walking you’re simply pulling your belly button

in tight your spine then you can do 10 seconds where you just release and then

you take it up again for another 10 seconds and you can simply keep

repeating that throughout your walk so do 10 seconds pulling the absent and

then 10 seconds release and do that several times and that wait you’re

telling your tummy while you’re walking

so there’s my six top tips on how you can get more out of everyone remember

it’s always a really good idea to stretch your legs afterwards and what

you can do as well if they’re feeling a little bit harder prevent muscle

soreness you could always use like a nice calling gel that’s a really good

one on a cooling gel which I’ll leave a link to in the description box below and

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