Is swimming healthy?

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Except that it is recommended for physical exercise in general, athletes in other branches should put it in the training program, not to mention those who suffer from orthopaedic injuries.

Physical benefits of swimming

All of us like to go to sea in the hot summer days… Maybe the pool in the country and have fun with the kids and the family.  Some of us even adopted this wonderful thing called swimming as part of their sports routine or as their only sporting activity.

Many thing have said about the good contexts for improving cardio abilities, improving the functioning of the respiratory system and even reinforcing the muscles of the body with an emphasis on the upper torso muscles.

But on the same breath, many mention the problematic element of making swimming in certain styles routinely, as a factor that contributes to the development and worsening of problems Knees and back and neck problems. Is there any truth in these claims?

Work on all body muscle during swimming

One of the sustainable and outstanding advantages of swimming is that no matter whether we chose Breaststroke, Butterfly or Free style, all styles are used to work with emphasis on the muscles of the upper torso. Another advantage in this context is that although swimming aerobics (similar to jogging and biking), the continuous watering in the swimming and resistance of water creates a anaerobic element during the activity, thus adding a reinforcement element that does not exist in other aerobic activities.


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